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Dr. Shri K. Goyal, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Utah, 1978

  • M.S., Material Science & Ceramics Engineering, University of Utah, 1975

  • M.E.A., Engineering Administration, University of Utah, 1975

  • Diploma, Business Management, GIM, Bombay, India, 1973

  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, IIT, Bombay, India, 1973

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, IIT, New Delhi, 1971

When it comes to coking, no one has the same expertise as Dr. Goyal. This has resulted from years of education at the best engineering schools in the world and decades of experience at the top oil companies in the world.

He has a true passion to improve coking at every refinery in the world, and will help you do so whether it is by diagnosing and treating your coker’s problems like an experienced doctor may solve your ailments, or coaching your operators and engineers to maximize your coker’s safety, reliability and profitability.


Before starting Coking Solutions Inc., Dr. Shri K. Goyal was the Refining Technology Advisor for Shell Global Solutions Inc. since 2000. He provided technical service to Shell and non-Shell cokers around the world. Services included coker design,procedures,

start-up help, operational trouble shooting, safety, profitability and reliability evaluations. He was Shell’s leading technical advisor, subject matter expert and training instructor on delayed coking and heavy oil processing. For his work at Shell, he was awarded the Vice President’s Technology Award in 2009. Over the years, Dr. Goyal has amassed 11 patents related to oil refining and coking.


Dr. Goyal is a professional teacher, and consistently well-loved by his students. He has taught engineering courses at the University of Utah, Hill Air Force Base, University of Illinois, Amoco and Shell. Courses have included process design, engineering materials, heat transfer, furnaces, engineering economics, statistics, operation research, oil refining, and heavy oil processing, as well as courses on time management and motivation.