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 Delayed Coker Services 

  Coking Solutions provides technical assistance in the following areas:

  A.  Technology Selection, Basis of Design (BOD), Basic Design Packages (BDP),

        Front-End Engineering Design (FEED).

  B.  Coker unit modifications, debottlenecking, upgrades equipments, intruments and controls

  C.  New Feed Evaluations, Products Yield and Quality estimates for different crude oils and

        process variables, Material Balance Studies

  D.  Unit Monitoring, Identification of Potential Problems, On-site, Technical Training

        and Troubleshooting.

  Customized Delayed Coker Services performed by our exclusive team:

  1.  Profitability Potential evaluation of your Coker.

  2.  Personalized Safety Audit of your Coker.

  3.  Develop complete list of equipment and interlocks to achieve 'No Person on Structure' goal.

Dr. Shri Goyal is one of the best recognized coker expert in the refining industry. His motto has been 'No Person on Structure' and he has been promoting this to the industry for more than 10 years.

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